Best Payouts

Finding slots that have the best payouts is easy to do. It is all neatly tied up in the Return to Player (RTP) for a particular slot game. Players know that most online slots show what the RTP is in the slot game's paytable. If not there, several online casinos have also added RTPs for every game on their site. So what does an RTP have to do with the best payouts? It is always the intention of most players to play slots that offer the highest wins. To this end, we will discuss the difference between slots that pay out massive amounts and slots that have a low RTP.

Finding the Best Payout Slots Online

To ascertain the best payout slots, players should look for the totality of the jackpot. Progressive jackpot slot games are where there are one or more jackpot sizes. However, this does not ensure that players will win. Thus, choosing a slot game that has been consistent in the best payouts is the way to go. Players can view the latest winners on a casino site and see for themselves what slot games are paying out the most and at what intervals.

The Return to Player

Players can also view the RTP percentage. Any slot that is 95% or higher is a slot you will want to play. Another consideration is betting the maximum amount for a particular slot. We have always encouraged our players to bet the max because the chances of winning higher payouts or jackpots lie here. The number of pay lines also tends to garner players great payouts. With the new configurations of slot games currently released, the chances of winning are more significant than ever before.

Can You Explain Exactly How the RTP Works?

Yes. Here is an example. When playing slot games with a 95% RTP, and the player is betting $100 per spin on a slot game, the return to the player is $95. As you can see, the RTP is crucial for players. Real Time Gaming has high RTPs, about 96% and above. There are even slot games that payout over 98%. It is up to each player to look for the RTPs for the games they wish to play and then bet the max per spin on that game.